7 days, 7 tracks #3


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7 days, 7 tracks #2

7 days 7 tracks 2

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Mini-post: Aperitivo at Torino


It’s already a fact: I love Milano and all its vibes. A lot of people catalogs it as that city you can wether naturally fall in love with or just hate it so bad. This tag seems cold and banal to me, cause this is what we all say about our own city. Believe me, I can say the same thing about mine and even feel so confused about it: Caracas and I are keeping a love-hate relationship.

Well, the thing is that today I’m coming up with a mini-post with pictures of the beautiful Torino. You may ask why I was talking about all the other stuff, and the answer is that it just seemed curious to me the way some people express themselves about italian cities. What mostly caught my attention was the fact that while most of the people do not like Milan, they speak wonders about Torino.

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